My takeaways from the 9th Annual Biohacking Conference

Brandon D. Wilson
4 min readJul 11

If you read my recap, you saw how amazing the Biohacking Conference was. That was a high-level recap, but people want more details. The most common question I get is, what are my biggest takeaways from the conference? While it’s still fresh, I’d like to share some thoughts.

Dave Asprey on stage at the Biohacking Conference

The Fifth “F” — Forgiveness

Dave Asprey has written about the four “F’s” that drive human behavior. The first F is fear. Once we are safe, the next F is food. Once we’ve got nutrients for energy, the next F is fertility. Once those needs are met, the fourth F is friendship. At the conference, Dave introduced the fifth F as forgiveness. We carry so much emotional baggage that taxes our nervous system and affects our physical and mental health. Forgiveness is a skill that I will continue to practice. A section in Dave’s new book Smarter Not Harder describes the reset process of forgiveness in detail.

Make time for meditation

Dr. Patrick Porter, the inventor of BrainTap®, said he hears people say they don’t have time to meditate. He made a strong case that meditation is a daily requirement for optimum health. There are various meditation methods; the key is finding what works for you. I am committed to using BrainTap® every day. By the way, BrainTap® offers a 14-day free trial using the app and your headphones.

Use the power of the breath

I’ve known about using various breathing techniques to alter the nervous system and achieve certain states, but I learned just how powerful breathwork is in a demonstration with Soma Breath. I sat in a zero-gravity chair with an eye mask and noise-canceling headphones. This was my first experience with guided breathwork paired with music. The session started slow, but the latter half was fast-paced and included breath holds. I found I could hold my breath a lot longer than I thought I could. After the session, I felt buzzed, and my body was tingling. I will sign up and start incorporating this breathwork into my routine.

A clean life starts with a clean home

Brandon D. Wilson