Time for a breath of fresh air — literally

Brandon D. Wilson
5 min readAug 4

A few weeks ago, I changed my AC filters. I don’t have wildfires or major smog where I live, but there’s a lot of dust in the desert.

AC filter comparison two months of use vs. a new one (MERV 13 for you filter nerds)

Before you make any assumptions, I change the filters every two months. I have a reminder set on the calendar so I don’t forget. But looking at the dirty filter made me wonder: if that’s what is getting caught, what’s getting through that I’m breathing in all day and all night?

In a previous newsletter, I wrote about some air-purifying devices I use in the bathroom, bedroom, and home office. These devices are filterless; they work by pumping negative ions into the air, which attach to particles making them heavy enough to fall out of the air. I also have a Molekule, which has been relegated to the spare bedroom. My chief complaint about using it in my bedroom is the dim light feature that lasts precisely eight hours, and it woke me up too early in the morning. I also went a couple of rounds with that company’s customer service. Let’s say I wanted to look at other options. Considering that I spend most of my time in my house, I want to ensure I breathe clean air.

I saw the Medi Air Purifier booth at the Biohacking Conference, but that one is a bit pricey. I’m always looking for the best bang for the buck. Coincidentally, Luke Storey posted a link about the AirDoctor Indoor Air Purifier in his Telegram channel. I had heard about AirDoctor from multiple people, and when I saw that his link offered $300 off, it made the decision easy. In fact, I ordered two because I know myself. I won’t be hauling one back and forth between rooms every day. I want a dedicated one in my bedroom, and the other one for my office during the week, and the main living area on weekends.

The delivery arrived less than a week after I placed the order. My friend Scott was visiting then, and I saw a stark contrast in our personalities. When I get a package delivery, I wait until the delivery person drops it off, gets back into the vehicle, and drives out of sight before I even open the door. I want minimal interaction. As soon as Scott found out the FedEx guy was here, he threw open the front door and leaped out shouting, “Hello, friend!” as he accepted the packages with open arms.

Brandon D. Wilson